Procurement and Contract Management for the Exceptional Real Estate Manager

In the last 4 years, ELC has helped over 50 property managers contract and manage more than $5.5 million worth of services. Join them today.

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Do you need pricing for an exterior service contract (snow, mowing, sweeping, window washing, etc)? Here’s how we help you.

After you give us some basic information, we put together an RFP for you with property maps, detailed information and notes about the property along with all of the information service providers need to get you the best pricing.

You approve the RFP. We send it out and give you a report in 10 business days with all of the pricing, compared apples-to-apples and a recommendation for who we think will do the best job for you.

After you choose your provider, we facilitate getting fully executed contracts, W9s, COIs and contact info.

ELC Contract is a free service for Property Managers. That’s right, free. You don’t sign any contract with us nor are you obligated to use the pricing we provide. We get paid a flat fee by the winning service provider for each contract they are awarded.

Can you imagine how much time you will save by not having to deal with calling vendors over and over, comparing prices, begging for a COI and all of the other hassles associated with getting contracts signed.

And lastly, ELC is working for good. We donate $20 to Families Moving Forward for every contract we facilitate during the month of July and $10 thereafter.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. Let’s get started.

Thank you! You made a painful and time consuming process quite easy!

– Beth Brown

The process went extremely well!

-Todd Balsiger, CPM

We have appreciated your assistance and the excellent service!

-Wendy Madsen, CPM

Spring will be here before you know it. Get a head start on contracting your mowing, sweeping and window washing.








Frequently Asked Questions

Who are ELC's awesome Providers?

ELC doesn’t work with just anyone. Your pricing comes from a carefully curated list of Preferred Providers. Each provider comes highly recommended by property managers and are heavily vetted to guarantee they can handle your projects.

Can you get pricing from vendors I use?

Absolutely!! We welcome any provider into our Provider List that you recommend.

How does ELC make any money?

ELC Contract is free to Property Managers. When providers give us pricing for your projects, they agree to pay a flat fee if they are awarded a contract. The fee is based on the size of the project: $295 for projects $6,000 or less (never more than 10%), $345 for projects between $6,000 and $12,000, and $445 for contracts over $12,000 (never less than 2%).

How long does it take to get pricing?

You will get pricing back from 3 or more providers no longer than two weeks from approving your project’s RFP.

How does the process work?

ELC Contract is an in-depth, exhaustive process with over 50 steps that we manage. This makes your job very simple:

  1. We create an RFP including project specifications, square footage of turf, carpet or parking lot along with maps so everyone is on the same page, depending on the project.
  2. You approve the RFP and we send it anyone you would like.
  3. After we receive everyone’s pricing, you receive a final report along with a recommendation who we suggest you use.
  4. You choose your provider and sign contracts directly with them.
  5. We will help corral I9s, Certificates of Insurance as well as letting the losing providers know they didn’t get the contract.
Do I sign a contract with ELC?

No. You do not sign any contracts with ELC for our Pricing Package. It is 100% risk-free. If you don’t like the pricing, you can go back to your old way. If you like the pricing you get, we will work with you to get a contract.

I already do this myself. Why would I need to work with you?

Our process isn’t right for everyone and may not be right for you. Our best clients are extremely organized and constantly looking for ways to improve. By using our free services, you are freeing up time to do whatever you want!

Use that time to visit your properties more often, talk more with your tenants, do more prospecting or even — go home at a normal time and hang out with your kids!!! We dare you!

Won't it cost more if providers are paying you fees?

99 time out of 100, we will get you better pricing than you are currently paying. One way we do this is by creating a system of competitive bidding for your work. If providers know there are other, high quality providers giving pricing, they will give you their best shot at your work.

Also, we have a highly systematized, solid process for requesting pricing that our Preferred Providers love. By working with us, they know they will have access to more work and solid RFPs with maps and square footage that save them time putting together pricing.

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