Tips for Property Managers for Handling Summer Storms

Every summer sees storms in Minnesota. Here are tips and tricks for property manager need to know prevent damage and manage cleanup.

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ELC Pricing Package

  1. Never again take a sales call for exterior maintenance…send them straight to us!!
  2. Save time and money by delegating the time-consuming busy work of requesting, compiling and comparing summer maintenance pricing to us.
  3. Stop chasing insurance certificates, signed contracts and W9 – we can handle it for you.
  4. Get pricing in only two weeks!!

Emergency Property Audits

ELC provides Emergency Property Audits for our clients.

A few times each summer, we have major storms that roll through the Twin Cities metro. ELC’s Emergency Property Audits are available for $85 per property. If a storm is reported to have damage in your property’s area, we’ll visit and inspect your property for damage within 24 hours.

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We manage the entire Pricing Process from start to finish for you while keeping all of the critical decisions and control in your hands.




It all starts with your Specs. We analyze your summer maintenance specifications – or create them for you if you don’t like yours – for ways to improve efficiency and sustainability, reduce cost and deliver the results you want for your properties.



Create complete RFPs including maps defining turf areas and property lines and customized nots for each property. We also specify square footage of turf area to guarantee apples-to-apples pricing.



After your approval, we send the RFP to our Preferred Provider Group and your favorite contractors. We compile all of the pricing (minimum of 3 providers) we receive into a simple, single page spreadsheet with our recommendations based on your goals and our knowledge of the providers. You have pricing a short two weeks after RFP approval.



After you choose your provider you sign contracts directly with them. We give you pricing sheets to attach to your contracts, track down the W-9s and Insurance Certificates for you, even notify the winning and losing providers and visit the property to make sure you are getting the quality you deserve.

Call us at 612.844.1824 or fill out the form today and you’ll have summer maintenance pricing in only 2 weeks!

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