It is time!

Each Fall, we help CRE owners and managers by collecting and posting predictions from across the spectrum of what our winter weather may bring.

As you know, they have not been the most accurate predictors of weather and should not be used to make any major decisions. But, they are fun nonetheless.

The only unanimous -fairly – prediction is that the east cost is going to get pounded with snow and cold this winter while having a weak/medium El Niño.

Here you go!


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The Majors

National Weather Service

AccuWeather (Updated 10/25/2012)

  • Temperature – Above Average
  • Precipitation – Below Normal

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

  • Temperature – Mild
  • Precipitation – Dry

Farmers’ Almanac – Will winter return with a vengeance?

  • Temperature – Large Temperature Swings
  • Precipitation – Average Snow with large storms

The Minors

Snow Day

  • Temperature – Below Average
  • Precipitation – Normal To Slightly Above

Weather Advance (Updated 10/25/2012)

  • Temperature – Colder than average
  • Precipitation – Slightly above average

The Weather Center

  • Temperature – Warm
  • Precipitation – Average