Today, I was out inspecting properties and making sure everyone was completely ready for the winter season when I came upon this property in St Paul. (It isn’t a property where we consult.)

Salting like in the video below is damaging on many different levels:

  1. Overuse of deicing salts is damaging to new and newer concrete.
  2. ALL of this salt will end up in waterways, the landscape and tracked into the building. From the MPCA, a single teaspoon of water PERMANENTLY impairs 5 gallons of water.
  3. Salt is very expensive. This application will cost hundreds of dollars when tens of dollars would have sufficed.
  4. Some folks believe this is the only way to keep properties safe. In fact, this type of deicing actually makes properties LESS safe. It causes tripping hazards as well, excessive salting of some types ATTRACTS water and causes slippery conditions.
  5. This type of oversalting is not only bad for your pocketbook and the environment but also bad for your brand. Consumers and tenants know and recognize this isn’t the way to keep properties safe. Don’t do it.

Have you checked your properties? Let me know and we can help stay on top of your winter operations for as low as $35 a month.

– Brad

PS – Check our snow event tracker to see how much snow we’ve gotten this season!