All indications are we will see our first snowfall today and this weekend with Winter Storm Watches posted for the entire Twin Cities metro.

stay back 5 car lengths from a snow plowThe MN Dept of Transportation greatest message is safety during the snow season.

  • Stay back at least 5 car lengths from a snow plow
  • Turn on your headlights
  • Be patient

MnDOT also put together a great Snowplowing Facts sheet with very interesting information:

  • 2011-12 saw 22.3″ of snow in the metro, down from 2010-11 of 86.6″ and the 10-year average of 50.2″
  • NW Minnesota had the most snow with 57.4″ and SE Minnesota had the most events with 37
  • There were 21 crashes in the state involving vehicles that hit snowplows (73 in 2010-11)
  • 2011-12 used 154,072 tons of salt compared to 267,860 in 2010-11
  • 2011-12 used 26,091 tons of sand compared to 65,220 in 2010-11
  • MnDOT spent $45.9 million for snow and ice removal in 2011-12 compared to the record high of $81.1 million in 2010-11