FREE 2013 Summer Maintenance Specifications

You can either make a copy for yourself using google docs or download a copy in Word. Follow these simple instructions:

  1. Click here to go to the google doc website.
  2. To download it: File > Download > Word (or whatever format you choose)
  3. To use it as a Google Doc: Sign into Google > File > Make a Copy

Karl Foerster Grass

There are few opportunities to improve the sustainability and quality of your exterior services more than with your summer landscape maintenance specifications.

One of our products is a ELC Pricing Package where we assemble RFPs with the specifications, property lists, maps and bid templates for property managers at no cost to the Property Manager. We so believe that sustainability and quality should be the focus in the bidding process, we give you the tools to get that done on your own!

Above is an RFP/Specification template that you will find embedded below to check out. The Summer RFP and Specs template has been created in collaboration with many different property managers and landscape experts. Here are a couple of the highlights:

  • Highlights expectations, communication and materials reduction
  • Promotes sustainable practices like pulling weeds taller than 2″ instead of spraying them, allows contractor to pull a dead plant without permission and causing another trip
  • Defines full range of services without limiting your contractor’s innovation: Spring Cleanup, Weekly Services, Turf Fert and Weed Control, Fall Cleanup, Irrigation, Seasonal Color, Mulching, Weeding, Rock Bed Maintenance, Pruning, Edging and more
  • Combines multiple services gets better pricing and increases flexibility for your contractor
  • Entirely paperless process

Have a great day!