UPDATE 12/11/2012:

Through 12/17/2012, I’ve decided to offer an introductory block of 10 Winter Reviews for only $450. You’ll save $200 off of the $650 actual price!! Scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up in 60 seconds or less.

Original post:

While out today completing Winter Landscape Reviews for our clients for this voluminous inaugural snowfall, it is pretty easy to see the snow contractors who were prepared and those who weren’t. I hope yours were ready to go for you!

This was a whopper of an event to handle at any time, but a first snow it is especially brutal. However, it could not have been better timed with better conditions for 10+ inches of snow. It happened on a weekend with a full night to plow before your tenants came to work, there was very little breeze and it wasn’t bone-chillingly cold outside.

Here are some of the storm totals from the metro:

  • MSP Airport – 10.5″
  • Chanhassen NWS – 13.6″
  • St Paul – 13.3″
  • Crystal – 7.5″
  • Woodbury – 9.8″
  • Shakopee – 10.3″
  • Lake Elmo – 17″
  • Maplewood – 14.7″
  • Stillwater – 13.3″
  • Rosemount – 14″

Event 4 Recap (view the full Winter Event Tracker here) –

  • Snow began falling around 11 pm 12/8/2012 from west to east
  • 2-4″ across the metro by 8 am 12/9/2012
  • Temperatures were quite warm and the 1″ or so of wet snow from Event 3 caused the precipitation touching the pavement to form an ice layer, especially if compacted by vehicles.
  • Steady snow throughout the day with very little letup until late afternoon.
  • Snow ended across metro from north to south by 10 pm 12/9/2012.
  • Temperature dropped rapidly overnight with a high temperature in the low teems on 12/10/2012. This caused snow to contract and adhere to the pavement making it VERY difficult to plow clean.
  • Bright sunshine combined with deicing salt helped to melt the parking lots, but it will be very difficult to get clean lots in the near future.

Winter Reviews

Click to view our Winter Review Example and Price Structure

One of our main winter products is our Winter Reviews. We perform quality checks on properties both for property owners and managers as well as for landscape companies in three categories:

  1. Sidewalks (Icy?, too much deicer, not clear, damage?)
  2. Parking Lots (Icy?, too much deicer, not clear, damage, fire hydrants, drainage)
  3. Piling (obstructed views, wrong location, piles in parking islands)

We take photos of the finished product, rate the quality and create work orders for you to send to your contractor to handle issues.

Winter reviews cost as low $45 per property and you can get them per time, recurring or in blocks of 5, 10, 25 or 50 that you can use as you need. On the first storm of the year, we caught safety hazards, saved significant money by identifying a LARGE area of unused parking that need not be plowed and informed the manager of a contractor putting down waaaay too much salt which damages your property, the environment and your image.

Take 60 seconds and fill out the form below. Click the Winter Review Example to the right to view the overall price structure of our Winter Reviews – they are a very good deal for any property.