Snow melting and falling from awnings is the worst!

This was my Thursday AM:

Not me. My twitter buddy who fell on ice Monday.

It is a gorgeous Thursday winter morning. 30 degrees and the sun was sparking off our still-fresh snow. The morning had been fairly brutal – 5 year old didn’t want to wear a hat and the 1 year old didn’t want to do anything.

Unfortunately for the world, my travel mug filled with a beautiful steaming press of City Kid Java French Roast (I’m a coffee snob) was sitting on the floor in the foyer by Jean’s hat.

I had an early appointment that I attended thoroughly undercaffeinated forcing a rushed trip to the Artisan Bistro in Prior Lake – one of my favorite places – to get my next cup. I get out of the Mini, step through the slush and messy curbline to the sidewalk that was perfectly clear in front of their suite. Or so I thought.

You know the rest. I obviously stepped on spot where melted snow had dripped off the awning in Wednesday’s 38 degree heat wave to freeze that night into a beautiful sheet of ice that I stepped on in my rush to get coffee. I was fortunately able to catch myself and avoid the fall but it could have been bad.

And 100% preventable.

If you have properties with awnings or angled overhangs, one of the most cost-effective, simple risk management steps you can take is to clear the snow off of those awnings before your contractor clears the sidewalk. It takes only a few minutes but completely avoids the scenario above.

Here is a video of the ice and awning.