Action Item: Sweep parking lots during the winter to protect waterways from sand, salt and debris carried in your stormwater.

Ahhh…today we are getting a beautiful January day with threat of another Slopmageddon in the Twin Cities.

Currently, the slop looks to start out as rain followed by ice with some snow after it. This system gives us a good opportunity to talk about handling sand on your parking lots.

1/8/13 slop forecast

Sand is a great choice for deicing on many properties as long as it is handled properly. It is:

  • more environmentally friendly than pure salt
  • cheaper than salt
  • provides traction in slippery conditions

The majority of property managers have turned away from sand as a deicer in the past decade because it makes parking lots look dirty, does not directly melt snow and ice and makes spring cleanups difficult with piles of sand in the turf.

sand in parking lotAn often-overlooked environmental impact of sand (and over-applications of salt) is that if it is not swept up from parking lots, it flows with runoff water and fills up ponds, rivers, retention ponds and any waterways that collect stormwater.

This item is of importance today because we have rain coming this week. With the rain, sand and debris will flow with along the stormwater into the environment. Get rid of it, once that sand has been applied, it is of ZERO use as a deicer or for providing traction because it is below the ice/snow.

Ethical Landscape Consultants recommends that properties using sand sweep their lots monthly or after every 2 applications of sand. This will keep your property looking cleaner and responsibly protect the environment.

Thank you and have a great day!


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