So far, this February has been our snowiest month in 2 years for the metro and it looks to continue into the foreseeable future. We are looking at a possible foot of snow between 2 storms (4-6″ Thurs/Fri of light & fluffy snow & 5-7″ Mon/Tues of heavy & wet snow) in the next 7 days.

Touring sites today, many of the piling areas are fullfrom the past few weeks. Here are 6 tips for handling this additional snow and strategies to avoid hauling:

  1. Don't worry, it will be summer soon!Leave the piles alone. If you are tight on money for your property or don’t have parking constraints, let the piles ride. Next week’s temps look to hover around freezing and our average high for March 1 (only a week from this Friday) is 33 degrees. It will melt soon.
  2. Plan to fill up unused parking spots. Each parking spot can hold up a few truckloads of snow. Pack it high and tight.
  3. Stack, stack, stack. The higher you can stack your existing piles and push them back, the less snow you’ll need to haul.
  4. Blow it. Large snowblowers mounted on tractors or skid loaders are pretty cost-effective at moving piles of snow and making more room for future snows. This is a quick and easy way to make more room.
  5. Move that pile. Many properties have some open space or parking areas that aren’t used. Create more piling space by moving snow from one area of the property to another. This can usually be done with a front end or skid loader very cost effectively. Avoid trucking on site if at all possible (that is where large $ begins to be spent).
  6. Haul it. The most costly solution is to haul snow off-site. Always ask where the snow is being taken. If you have another property or know of a closer location to dump, you can save money or even make money by allowing an open parking area  or lot to be used as a dump site. It is worth a shot.

Communicate now with your snow providers. Each property needs an action plan and please let them know how you would like to handle these snows. It will save time, money and confusion in the coming week.

Have a great day!


PS: Our Snow Event Tracker is fully up-to-date and can help you remember when and where the snow fell to match up with your invoicing from the busy month.