One of the main things we do all winter is help property managers and landscape contractors finding that fine balance between too much and too little salt on properties. If you don’t use enough, you can create potentially dangerous situations for your tenants. If you use too much, you damage your concrete, building hardware, landscape, and the environment.

Here is a very clear example of how rock salt (and oversalting in general) damages concrete and building hardware.


Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 8.42.07 AMPS: Spring contracts start one month from today. If you are dreading or simply haven’t had time to get bids for your summer contracts, call me today.
We can set up your RFP, request pricing, and compare the results for you just like we do for Ryan Companies, Wellington Management, Cassidy Turley, C/W|NorthMarq, and many others. It is a free service and we work with all of your favorite landscape companies. We handle the back-end work and you make the decisions.

Take 2 minutes and check out this example of how easily we can help you!