crocusSpring has not exactly graced us with it’s presence yet, but we are nearing the bitter end of the summer maintenance contracting season.

Don’t just sign up with the same guy from last year. We can help if you haven’t requested pricing yet from your vendors. Simply head to our bidding page or email to your:

  • Property name/address
  • Landscape specifications you like (or we will create them for you)
  • Any specific contractors you want to provide pricing

It really is as simple as that.

We put together the RFP, request pricing from your favorite contractors and compile apples-to-apples pricing for you to choose – all at no cost to you! The winning contractor pays us a flat fee – usually only $195.00.

Let’s get started today!


PS: We also help with window washing, parking lot sweeping, snow removal and other services you may need.