The example below is a project post we complete for every project we handle at ELC. Getting started all you need to do is send up your:

  • property list
  • snow removal specifications if you have them (if not, we can produce them for you at no extra cost)
  • providers you like

We create property maps delineating parking lots and sidewalks, and gather all pricing in the RFP and online form below.

When the project closes:

  1. You receive a report clearly showing pricing and characteristics of vetted providers
  2. You decide the winning provider
  3. We inform winning AND losing providers as well as provide all with an anonymous price sheet so they see how they compare to peer companies (this is VERY helpful for our network)
  4. You sign contract (created by you or the provider) with the winning provider.
  5. We make sure you get Insurance Certs & I9s as well as visit the property MONTHLY through the summer to ensure contract adherence.

Click the links below to get familiar with our process and then visit to get started with ZERO COMMITMENT OR COST to you!!

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Our client list:





Begin example project post:


We have 2 properties for you today for snow removal!

The project is due on 8/14/2013 at 3 pm via the online form below.

Our finder’s fee pricing structure for projects (mulching, tree planting, enhancements, additional services) is the same as snow removal:

  • $295 for contracts $6,000 and below
  • $345 for contracts between $6,000 and $12,000
  • $445 for contracts over $12,000

If you haven’t worked with ELC previously, you must complete our vendor evaluation before your pricing will be included. It can be found here. [PROPERTY MANAGER: this is the information we collect on each and every provider we work with as access to our ‘Preferred Provider’ network.]

Download the RFP here. [PROPERTY MANAGER: This is an example of the RFP we create for every snow removal project.]

Thank you and have a great day!


Project log:

  • 2.12.2013 – winning and losing providers identifies of contractor choice by property manager
  • 2.8.2013 – project report submitted to property manager [PROPERTY MANAGER: This property report and recommendation is provided for each project.]
  • 2.8.2013 – project closed
  • 1.24.2013 – project emailed to providers

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