Snow Event #1Official event totals:

  • MSP Airport – 1.1″ (Official NWS Observation)
  • Burnsville – 1.5″
  • Waconia – 2″
  • Maplewood – 1.8″
  • St Cloud – 2.8″ (Official NWS Observation)
  • Monticello – 4.5″
  • Ham Lake – 1.5″

Seasonal totals:

  • MSP Airport – 1.1″
  • 1″ to 3″ Event: 1 – 11/5/13

Event chronology

The rain began transitioning to snow from west to east between 8 pm and midnight with the heaviest snow in the early morning hours.

What Property Managers need to know

With much fanfare, the first snow of the season tracked more north and west than expected and was a bust in the Greater MSP metro. Very little – if any – plowing should have happened within the metro.

The small amounts of snow were preceded by rain and fairly warm pavement temperatures. Except for the far northwest metro, there was virtually no snow accumulation with this storm. Check with your provider on any plowing charges from this event. Salting in small amounts was necessary to keep properties safe.

We were very lucky that this storm didn’t come in the 6″+ range because many snow removal providers had not yet prepared properties with staking and flagging of curblines. Check with your providers to make sure we are ready for Event #2!

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