12/4/13 snow totalsOfficial event totals:

  • MSP Airport – 4.1″ (Official NWS Observation)
  • Rosemount – 2.3″
  • Monticello – 7.0″
  • Chanhassen – 6.0″
  • St Paul – 3.8″
  • Maple Grove – 7.6″
  • St Cloud – 5.0″ (Official NWS Observation)

Seasonal totals:

  • MSP Airport – 5.7″ (12/6/13)
  • December – 4.6″ (12/6/13)
  • November – 1.1″
  • 3″ to 5″ Event: 12/4/13 (less to se, more in sw/w/nw/n
  • 1″ to 3″ Event: 11/5/13
  • Trace – 1″ Event: 11/21/13, 12/2/13

Winter Event #4 Chronology

  • 12/4/13 3:00 PM – 2″ to 10″ accumulation from southwest to northeast
  • 12/4/13 7:00 AM – 1″ to 3″ accumulated with heavier snow in north metro
  • 12/4/13 2:00 AM – Snow begins spreading west to east through the metro

What Property Managers Need to Know

  • A lot of service and salt was needed all day Wednesday to keep properties open and safe.
  • Use this opportunity to talk to your provider about over/under servicing your properties.
  • Cleanup plows were more than likely completed on the evening/night of December 5th.
  • Next round of snow coming Sunday night, Dec 8.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

We got our first real snow of the year on December 4 that began accumulating right around the time people were coming to work causing some frustration and difficult plowing conditions. She snowed all day long ending late afternoon. We can be thankful we didn’t get the 20″ and 30″+ snowfalls that were seen in Duluth and along the North Shore!

As you can see in the map above, this storm had a SIGNIFICANT drop off in accumulation as you went south and east. There was a bubble of  warmer air and the far southeast metro received rain/freezing rain for a good amount of the morning which reduced their snowfall.

The snow was followed by severe 30+ degree temperature drop and anything that was packed or still on the lot is now frozen in place. Do not add more salt, it won’t help! You’ll need to change to a more expensive product or wait for temps to warm up a bit and sun to work and break up the ice then plow it away. Give me a call at 612.844.1824 if you have questions.

Depending on your contract, you will see large invoices for this snow. It required a lot of service keep lots open all day long. Take this time to talk with your providers about expected levels of service if you got more or less than you thought you should.

Have a great weekend!!



Winter Event #4 - 12/4/13Good morning!

Winter Event #4 got started a little later than anticipated last night with snow spreading from west to east starting around 2:00. At 7 am, we have from 1 to 3″ across the metro.

This is one of those awful events that accumulate after 3 or 4 AM. Many properties will receive just an open-up this morning because of snow triggers being reached too late to fully plow all locations and traffic is very quickly becoming a nightmare.

We expect another 3″ to 7″ of snow (heavier from north to south) through the day, ending this evening.

Good luck and have a great day!!