IMG_9024Good morning –

Today is awful cold. Tomorrow will be beautiful!!!!

With the beautiful warmth of temperatures in the teens, some sunshine, and the 18 tons of salt sitting on your parking lot just waiting for some heat, we’ll see good melting of that nasty snow pack tomorrow.

Normally, I would advise to contact your snow provider and get a slush plow scheduled for tomorrow evening to get that layer of junk mostly removed. However, we are in a weather pattern where short bursts of snow every few days are likely for the next week. It looks like we’ll get one Friday/Saturday.

What Property Managers Need to Know

If you can hold off for 48 hours until Friday night (December 13), you can possibly save some money and scrape that snow away with a normal plow. If you can’t, schedule one for tomorrow night (December 12)  and you’ll have black pavement by noon Friday.

Think warm thoughts and have a great day!


PS: You can find all of our snow info for this winter here.