UPDATED POST 12/21/13 at 10:00 AM

Another snow ended up being fairly light throughout the metro, dropping more to the northeast. Some pockets of slightly heavier snow were reported through the metro.

ORIGINAL POST 12/19/13 at 11:30 AM

Another of our light snows is expected to come through this evening and tonight with 1″ to 3″ across the metro. It looks like it should be mostly wrapped up by 1 or 2 AM, so hopefully your snow provider will be able to complete a full plow by morning. Check back for updates!


Official event totals:

  • MSP Airport – .7″ (Official NWS)
  • Chanhassen – .7″
  • DT Minneapolis – 1.7″
  • St Cloud – 2.8″ (Official NWS)

Seasonal totals: