The Outlook

The beginning of the end or the end of the beginning? Depending on your perspective, we are hitting the home stretch for to this long, historically cold winter. The sun is getting higher in the sky, we’ve gained about 40 minutes of daylight since the solstice and we’ve had some awesome sledding days.

Feb-April Temp Outlook

February – April Temperature Outlook

That behind us, we are looking at a lot of the same for the upcoming February/March/April period. The National Weather Service is predicting below average temperatures and average snowfall. In GreaterMSP, we average:

  • January – 12.1″
  • February – 7.8″
  • March – 10.2″
  • April – 2.5″

What does this mean for Property Managers?

The number one takeaway from this is to keep close track of your snow budget. Here are a few tips and ideas if you are running low on budget wiggle room:

  1. Talk to your snow provider if you are receiving snow services at less than 1″. Parking lots can remain unplowed if necessary because the sun is gaining melting power and a few sunny days over 20 degrees will eliminate that snow.
  2. Communicate and empower your tenants to maintain sidewalks. A major part of your cost is sidewalk maintenance and talk to your tenants if you are blowing your budget if they would like to send a barista out to shovel and salt small amounts or if they want a CAM hit.
  3. Reduce hauling. Even though we are looking at below-average temperatures, they will do nothing but rise from here and that will give some good melting power. If you have parking spaces to spare, allow your provider to pile in different places and avoid hauling.

As always, use the comments to ask questions or let me know other ideas!