P1010180January is finally over and we are closer to the end of our long walk to Spring 2014! January turned out to be another month – like December – of many events and quite a bit of snow. However, the major difference is that most of the January snows were larger. December had 7 events less than 1″ and 3 events over 1″ with January having 2 under and 6 over 1″.

Notably, there have been very few days above freezing (seemed like 1 or 2, but there were actually 6) to melt any of our snow pack. At the end of the month, there were 16″ of snow on the ground and much of that is in piles on your properties. Hauling and stacking snow is a priority if we don’t get any melting in February to make room for the heavy March snow events that usually hit.

The Rundown

  • 8 Events
  • 22.7″ of snow
  • 7th snowiest January on record
  • Average temp of 8 degrees was 7.6 degrees below normal

January totals:

2013/14 Season totals: