UPDATE 10:00 AM 3/18

3/18/14 snow totalsThis storm turned out to be shockingly close to what was predicted (compare the snow totals with the upper left image from yesterday’s 8 AM update below) with accumulations on the lower side.

A heavy, wet snow starting is early evening from south to north across the metro ending late morning. Most properties should have been plowed by opening but any snow left on the pavement should melt by the end of the day with 37 degree high today.

The heavier accumulations stayed north and west of the metro with St Cloud seeing 7″+.

Have a great day and think spring!!!!


Official event totals:

  • St Cloud Airport – 7.4″ (Official)
  • Carver – 3.2″
  • Inver Grove Heights – 3″
  • St Paul – 3″
  • MSP Airport – 2.9″ (Official)
  • Chanhassen – 2.6″
  • Edina – 1.5″

Monthly totals:

  • March – 3.2″ (XXX” below normal) (3/19/14)
  • 1″ to 3″ Event: 3/18/14 (2.9″)
  • Trace – 1″ Event: 3/4/14 (.3″)

Seasonal totals:

Event Chronology

  • 4 am 3/19 – Snow ending from west to east with 2-4″ accumulation across the metro
  • 6 pm 3/18 – Snow begins south to north

UPDATE 3:15 PM 3/18

3:15 Radar

3:15 Radar

Snow is starting to sneak it’s way into the south and west metro with moderate snowfall rates. Metro commute home today will be impacted by the snow after 5 or so.

  • Main line of snow all day from Duluth southwest to Wilmar has dropped significant, heavy snows so far today
  • 6″+ in St Cloud
  • Snow working into metro south to north



UPDATE 8:00 AM 3/18

3/18 Weather Story as of 8 am

3/18 Weather Story as of 8 am

Today’s storm is still pretty much on track without much change for property managers. A slight shift to the north and west has reduced the snow predictions a tad along with downgrading from a Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Weather Advisory that starts at 4 pm.

  • Burst of snow this AM causing some unexpected commute snarls
  • 4-6″ in metro by tomorrow AM
  • Snow starting in earnest late afternoon
  • Much can change with these March-Madness storms

If you pre-salted, it will have taken care of this skiff of snow we got this morning without any additional service.



Currently in a Winter Storm Watch for the metro with a Winter Storm Warning just north and west of us.

The skinny

  • Currently thinking 6-8″ of snow starting late afternoon Tuesday through Wednesday morning.
  • Will be heavy and wet
  • Will not affect Tuesday morning commute (Tuesday PM and Wednesday AM won’t be fun)
  • Amount of snow and start time are not yet pinned down. Don’t be surprised if tomorrow’s forecast is significantly different for the metro.
  • Aaaaand the winds will pick up tomorrow afternoon as well. Small blessings – the snow will be so heavy and we that it won’t blow around much. Yaaaay!!!
3/18/14 weather story

Original weather story for this event.


This storm is a great candidate for pre-salting properties. It will hit during the day and shouldn’t be preceded by rain. Pre-salting does a couple of great things:

  1. Keeps the snow from adhering to asphalt. This is especially helpful in daytime events because it will help the plows pop the packed snow free from lots after people drive on it.
  2. Reduces salt use. When you pre-salt, it allows the snow to be plowed cleaner from the lot and won’t need to use as much salt to clean the packed snow up after the storm.