3/24/14 snowfallWhat were supposed to be snow showers turned into a decent snow in some areas of the metro.

A few very heavy squalls of snow left a quick 1″+ of snow in some areas of the metro and only a trace in others. Very little service was required with this snow because temperatures were warm enough to melt the snow quickly. Ramps and bridges were slippery and iced needing attention.


PS: Beware of a possible major snow event on Thursday/Friday. 

Official event totals:

  • North St Paul – 1.3″
  • MSP Airport – 1.2″ (Official)

Monthly totals:

  • March – 4.6″ (4.2″ below normal) (3/125/14)
  • 1″ to 3″ Event: 3/18/14 (2.9″), 3/24/14 (1.2″)
  • Trace – 1″ Event: 3/4/14 (.3″)

Seasonal totals:

Event Chronology

  • AM & PM – a few snow squalls danced across the metro from sw to ne leaving ½”+ in one place and next to nothing a few miles away. Highly variable results across metro.