Today looks like this….


…tomorrow will look like this.

Screenshot 2014-04-04 10.08.55crocuscrabappleScreenshot 2014-04-04 09.33.29Screenshot 2014-04-04 09.33.51target fieldScreenshot 2014-04-04 09.50.15daffodilsScreenshot 2014-04-04 09.34.47tulip

Thank you for indulging me! This little project made me feel better about the world!!

Today’s snow event will be brutal on your properties. When the soil has thawed, it is very easy to cause serious damage. Any tires that went over curbs or plows that hit turf will cause significant damage to landscape and curbs.

ELC provides a Spring Landscape Audit service for $55 per property* to conduct a Spring Landscape Audit.

We identify and document damages that occurred over the winter and provide you with a property-by-property report with photos and gps location of the damages. Use this information to work with your snow providers and get them repaired!

We have a special offer for you this spring – save $100 on your Spring Landscape Audits purchase 10 for only $45 per property!!

Fill out the form below or email your property list to and we’ll get started!


*Audits are only available for properties in the Greater MSP 13 County Metro. A property is 3 or fewer buildings at a single location.