10/3/14 NWS Weather Story

Unfortunately bringing crazy weather news today. Easily the first winter event post we at ELC have ever done.

Snow is expected tonight with accumulations of ½” in the Twin Cities metro and greater accumulations north and west. The snow will not stick on paved areas with ground temperatures being so warm still. However, grassy areas could get a good coating of heavy, wet October snow.

What property managers need to know:

  • No service will be necessary
  • Due to cloud cover, temperatures at the ground levels will remain above freezing so fall plantings and color should not be too affected by the weather. Summer annuals will probably be toast.
  • Irrigation systems will not be damaged by this event
  • This winter is currently forecast to have a high potential of El Niño bringing warmer temps and variable snowfalls but we are looking at a month of polar vortex with cold and potential for early storms (Oct/Nov)

Other Notes: