ELC Winter Event #2

FINAL RECAP 11/17/14

Screenshot 2014-11-17 10.24.26SNOW This happy little snowstorm dropped 1-2″ of snow with heaviest totals to the south.

SUNDAY It unexpectedly gave a little boost to the snow totals Sunday morning with an additional ½” or so through the metro.

PLOWABLE This storm was probably plowable for the majority of the metro. Anything with a 1″ trigger would have been plowed and it was on the cusp of hitting the 2″ mark in most areas but probably close enough that most properties received service.

ABOVE AVERAGE Event #2 tossed us .4″ above average on snowfall for the month of November.

FORECAST Winds pick up Monday (11/17) with nasty blowing snow – especially in SW MN. A little snow coming Tuesday night (not plowable) with continued stupid cold.

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Event Chronology

  • 4 am 11/16 – small squall of snow working way through metro west to east with ½” accumulation
  • 10 pm 11/15 – snow ending west to west to east
  • 1 pm 11/15 – light snow on and off throughout day
  • 10 am 11/15 – light snow begins south to north

Official event totals:

  • New Prague – 2″
  • Chanhassen – 1.8″
  • MSP Airport – 1.6″ (Official)
  • Richfield – 1.5″
  • Coon Rapids – 1.5″
  • Woodbury – 1.2″
  • St Cloud – .8″ (Official)

Monthly totals:

  • November – 5″ (.4″ above normal)

Seasonal totals:

  • 9″ to 11″ Event:
  • 5″ to 7″ Event:
  • 3″ to 5″ Event:
  • 1″ to 3″ Event: 11/10/14 – 3″, 11/15/14 – 1.6″
  • Trace – 1″ Event:

Update 11/15/14 7 am

ON TRACK The snowfall for today still looks on track for 2-3″ for the metro with the higher totals in the SW/S.

INCREASE The NWS has increased the snow totals for SW Minnesota and NW Iowa to 5″

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SATURDAY SNOW – Looking at a couple inches of plowable, light, fluffy snow on Saturday starting around noon and ending at midnight.

PERFECT – The temps will be in the 20s with calm winds could make this for a beautiful, picturesque snow.

HEAVIER SOUTH – This storm will be dropping heavier amounts of snow in south/southwest Minnesota if you have any travel plans for the weekend. The Southwest Metro could see slightly heavier totals that north metro.

SNOW COVER – We need more snow! Temperatures have dipped way below normal and if we remain with little cover, it will have detrimental effects on our plant material. http://bit.ly/1xF4oFN