SNOW While November 2014 was one of the snowier months in recent years, December had less snow than any December since 2006 with only 5.6″. This was 7.7″ less than our 20-year average and 6.3″ below our historic average.

SNOW REMOVAL BUDGETS Jan-Mar 2014 were brutal on snow budgets with well above-average for snowfall and number of events. December 2014 ended the year with a soft landing for your snow budgets. See PILING and HAULING below.

EVENTS December 2014 was a remarkable change from last year with only 1 plowable event. December 2013 had a whopping 10 events.

ICE/SLEET Two of the three winter events this month (ELC Winter Event #7 & ELC Winter Event #8) were icing/sleeting events requiring very little service.

WARM December brought us an unseasonably warm stretch of temperatures with 16 days at or above freezing and 3 concurrent days of 50º or above! Our average temp was 4.6º above normal.

PILES The stretch of warm weather and number of melting days gave us a gorgeous Brown Christmas and also got rid of all but the largest snow piles.

HAULING Your hauling budget for the end of 2014 should be awesome! With all of the melting and dwindling piles above, there should have been plenty of piling space available for ELC’s Winter Event #9.1 even on the tightest of properties.

SUNSHINE December was an extraordinary month for those who love cloudy, gloomy days. We had 8 days from the 19th to the 26th with 100% cloud cover from sunrise to sunset. Through the entire month, we had 26 days of 50% or more cloud cover. Oy.

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WINTER EVENT #7 12/7/15 Light snow and ice.
WINTER EVENT #8 12/15/14 Rain transitioning to very light snow/ice.
WINTER EVENT #9.1 12/26/14 Largest snow of the season to date.

DAILY View spreadsheet of snowfalls, temperatures and notes for each day in December.

2014/15 Season

SNOWFALL The total snowfall for the 2014/15 season stands at an even 15″ at the MSP International Airport. This is 3.1″ below normal.

DECEMBER A meager 5.6″ of snow fell in a single plowable December event leaving us 7.7″ under the 20 year average for the month. (DECEMBER RECAP)

NOVEMBER 9.4″ of snow fell in November 2014 which was 4.8″ above our 20 year average. (NOVEMBER RECAP)

December 2014 Snow Compared to Average

SEASON View spreadsheet of number of events, snowfall, and departure from average for each month of this season.

2014 Annual

SNOWFALL Our 2014 annual snowfall ends well ahead of the 20-year average with 67.5″ compared to our 50.5″ annual average.

2014 snow compared to average

DECEMBER The last month of 2014 was a peach with only one plowable event and 5.6″ of snow total.

2014 This year ended as the 2nd snowiest year since 1996 with 67.5″. 52.5″ fell in the first half of 2014.

2013 Last year was the snowiest year we have had since 1996 when we had 69″ total.

BUDGETS Snow removal budgets were successfully blown for 2014 by our Jan/Feb snowfalls. Luckily, we ended with a few easy months and budgets should have stabilized a little for 2014.

ANNUAL View spreadsheet of number of events, snowfall, and departure from average for each month of calendar year 2014.

January Outlook

PRECIPITATION Snow chances look fairly average for the month. Our 20-year average for January is 10.4″ of snow.

1/15 Precip Prediction

TEMPERATURE Temps for January are going to be below normal for the month. We ended December with some brutally cold weather and can look for that to continue through January. Cold temps aren’t generally great for heavy snow creation.

1/15 Temp Outlook