ELC Winter Event #12


1/8/15 snow totalsFINAL RECAP 1/12/15

SNOW We have had a good stretch of forecasting in January with another clipper that came through the metro as anticipated. Majority of the metro saw 1″-2″ of snow.

OFFICIAL The MSP Airport officially got 3″ of snow which makes it the 2nd snowiest event of the season. However, since it all drifted and blew around, you’d never notice we accumulated 3″ of snow.

WIND The front brought snow along with wicked wind and deadly wind chills. Any snow that was on the ground or roof on your property was blown into drifts.

TRAVEL The cold temperatures, wind and snow brought horrible road conditions and many, many accidents throughout the metro.

Event Chronology:

  • 3 pm: Snow ending
  • 12 pm: Wicked wind picks up blowing and drifting snow
  • 10 am: A dry slot filters into the metro and snow stops for a few hours
  • 8 am: Snow begins falling from north to south

Official event totals:

  • 3″ – MSP Airport (official)
  • 3″ – Forest Lake
  • 2.6″ – Woodbury
  • 2.5″ – North St Paul
  • 2.3″ – Rosemount
  • 1.6″ – Chanhassen
  • 1.6″ – Burnsville
  • 1.3″ – Lakeville


Seasonal Events:


UPDATE 2 pm 1/8/15

ELC's pic on Instagram

ELC’s pic on Instagram

ACCUMULATING Snow has been falling throughout the metro starting around 8 this morning with a break between systems. 1-2″ will fall across the majority of GreaterMSP.

WINDS The winds really picked up around noon today. Snow is drifting significantly and will continue through the overnight hours.

ROADS Driving is tough. MnDOT is reporting partially snow-covered roads throughout the metro and there are dozens of accidents.

SERVICE No changes to plowing and salting services and should be performed as indicated below.

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SNOW Another clipper with light accumulations will work it’s way through GreaterMSP beginning Thursday morning in front of slightly warmer air.

TIMING Snow is expected to begin falling around 8-9 am from north to south with an inch by lunch ending mid-afternoon.

WIND A blizzard warning is posted just south and west of the metro for 50 mph+ winds. We will have 35-40 mph here but do not be surprised to see us included in a Blizzard Warning as these winds crank up.

ROADS Driving will be treacherous tomorrow as the winds pick up around noon. Blowing snow, cold temperatures and cloud cover will make it virtually impossible to keep roads, parking lots and sidewalks clear. Use caution.

PLOWING Plowing and clearing sidewalks during the daytime will be pretty useless tomorrow as the winds will blow most of the snow that falls into drifts. IF we have accumulations that meet trigger amounts, the full plow should be completed tomorrow night.

FRIDAY Winds are supposed to stick with us tomorrow through Friday night/Saturday morning. Expect further drifting and blowing snow – especially on properties near open areas or with large rooftops.

SUMMER On the bright side – we opened our first summer maintenance and sweeping Pricing Package projects of 2015 for our clients. You can grab the very same docs we use for our Summer Maintenance Specs, RFP template and even a vendor pricing spreadsheet hereall for free.