SNOW The 2014/15 snow season continues through January with very little snow. We officially received a paltry 5.4″ at MSP Airport in the month the month of January.

DROUGHT The drought monitoring folks are starting to get nervous about our lack of winter snowfall. We are .56″ below normal on moisture which puts us in the Abnormally Dry category.

TEMPERATURE The lack of snow cover should be a good indicator, but January 2015 was a warm one clocking in at a 19º F average temp that is 3.4º above normal!

EVENTS January 2015 was boring event-wise. There were 5 events total but only one was plowable.

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WINTER EVENT #10 – 1/3/15 – Light snow / Not Plowable
WINTER EVENT #11 – 1/5/15 – Light snow / Plowable
WINTER EVENT #12 – 1/8/15 – Light snow / Not Plowable
WINTER EVENT #13 – 1/13/15 – Light snow / Not Plowable
WINTER EVENT #14 – 1/20/15 – Light snow / Not Plowable

DAILY View spreadsheet of snowfalls, temperatures and notes for each day in December.

2014/15 Season

SNOWFALL The total snowfall for the 2014/15 season stands at an even 20.4″ at the MSP International Airport. This is 8.6″ below normal the 20-year normal and 13.6″ below the historic average.

JANUARY Another light month of snow with only 5.4″ falling. Like December, there was only one plowable event.

DECEMBER A meager 5.6″ of snow fell in a single plowable December event leaving us 7.7″ under the 20 year average for the month. (DECEMBER RECAP)

NOVEMBER 9.4″ of snow fell in November 2014 which was 4.8″ above our 20 year average. (NOVEMBER RECAP)

Snowfall through Jan 2015

SEASON View spreadsheet of number of events, snowfall, and departure from average for each month of this season.

2014 Annual

SNOWFALL Our 2014 annual snowfall ends well ahead of the 20-year average with 67.5″ compared to our 50.5″ annual average.

2014 snow compared to average

DECEMBER The last month of 2014 was a peach with only one plowable event and 5.6″ of snow total.

2014 This year ended as the 2nd snowiest year since 1996 with 67.5″. 52.5″ fell in the first half of 2014.

2013 Last year was the snowiest year we have had since 1996 when we had 69″ total.

BUDGETS Snow removal budgets were successfully blown for 2014 by our Jan/Feb snowfalls. Luckily, we ended with a few easy months and budgets should have stabilized a little for 2014.

ANNUAL View spreadsheet of number of events, snowfall, and departure from average for each month of calendar year 2014.

February Outlook

PRECIPITATION The National Weather Service is calling for average to below average precipitation in February.

SPRING Can we call it yet that we’ll see an early spring in 2015? Seems like we are close to it!!!

HISTORY Looking back over the past 10 years, we have seen many months of January with little snowfall. That doesn’t seem to be an indication for how the rest of the year will play out.

comparable January

TEMPERATURE The NWS is also calling for above normal temperatures for February.