ELC Winter Event #19


This storm tracked further to the west than anticipated, glancing the west/northwest suburbs with 3-4″ of snow.

Heavy winds blew all of the snow around and required little snow service.

Official event totals:

  • 4.4″ – Delano
  • 4″ – Maple Grove
  • 3.3″ – White Bear Lake
  • 2.4″ – Chanhassen
  • 2.1″ – DT St Paul
  • 1.9″ – MSP Airport
  • 1″ – Burnsville

Monthly totals:

Seasonal totals:

Update 3/2/15 – 8 pm / Original Post 3/2/15 – 10 am

3/2/15 3 pm Weather Story Click for latest.

3/2/15 3 pm Weather Story
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UPDATE Storm is still on track as of 8 pm. Totals have shifted slightly lower but are still 2-4″ across the metro.

SNOW The first snow storm in eons for the metro is coming through this evening anticipated for 2-4″ in the metro.

TIMING Snow will start sometime around midnight tonight and continue through the afternoon rush hour tomorrow. The heaviest snow will fall from 6 am through noon.

SERVICE There will probably be little or no service tonight/tomorrow am with the timing of this storm.

WINDS The real story with this event will be the strong winds gusting to 40 mph creating blizzard-like conditions Tuesday through the day.

TEMPS A high today of 27º then temperatures will drop as the snow moves through to a low of -3º Tuesday night.