Episode 2 – Of Media and Property Management

The illustrious Sam Black from the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal joins us for this episode’s podcast. I think you’ll find Sam’s insight into what he feels is news-worthy or not very interesting. It is a great conversation and I’m excited that Sam could join me to discuss how Property Managers can work with the media in our 2nd episode.

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Show Notes:

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Advice from Sam, Senior Reporter for the MSP Business Journal:

  • Be as responsive as possible – reporters are always on a deadline.
  • Always be honest with your responses.
  • If you can’t comment, acknowledge the fact a member of the media contacted you and let them know you cannot comment.
  • If you cannot comment, don’t. But if you can send the reporter in the right direction, do.
  • Organizations need to work together with the media to build trust
  • No reporter wants inaccuracies in their story – if you have concern about the content, call the reporter or editor when it is found