Download the one-page summary PDF to post on the lunchroom door and impress your friends.

Download the one-page summary PDF to post on the lunchroom door and impress your friends.

This is always a fun part of the year! Property Managers really want to know what will happen this winter so they can more accurately budget for snow removal. Unfortunately – no one has a clue. BUT…the prognostication game is always fun!

It is pretty early to have many predictions, but we will continue to add them as we find them for you.

Here is what the experts are saying:

National Weather Service 8/26/15

Temperature: Above Average

Snow: Average to Below Average

Notes: The NWS is predicting a significant El Niño for Winter 2015. That tends to bring warmer weather to the upper midwest along with slightly less precipitation.

WeatherMan Watson 8/26/15

Temperature: Average

Snow: Below Average

Notes: Frank Watson feels like the strong Polar Vortex we have experienced the past two years will lose out to El Niño this winter. His predictions are similar to the NWS where we’ll experience warmer temps and slightly less snow. He also feels we’ll have increased icing events this winter. Watch out!!


PM Podcast Episode 3 CoverHear WeatherMan Frank Watson talk about his predictions for Winter 2015 in Episode 4 of the Property Manager’s Podcast

2016-us-weather-mapFarmer’s Almanac 8/26/15

Temperature: Average

Snow: Very Snowy

Notes: The Farmer’s Almanac diverges from other predictions calling for a “Very Snowy” winter. They also go into detail on what is expected to be a fairly typical winter for the Upper Midwest but another gnarly, snowy, cold winter for the Atlantic Coast.

650x366_08111416_2015-2016-winter-highlights-adcAccuWeather 8/26/15

Temperature: Warmer than Average

Snow: Drier than Average

Notes: AccuWeather has yet to deliver their official winter forecast for the US but they did give some major hints to what they expect during their Fall 2015 Forecast. There are some very interesting nuggets calling for some early cold snaps and wildly fluctuating temperatures. Expect early frosts, icing events and an early winter storm or two. They also feel the wild temperature changes will last through late winter causing melting/refreezing to be a concern as well.