Everyone loves FREE – but free gets even better when it can save you both time and money!! Here are 9 great online web applications that will boost your productivity and streamline your workflow.


If you have any group emails to send to tenants or owners, then MailChimp is the way to go. They have an extraordinary user experience and is very simple to use.

Getting started is extremely simple. If you have a spreadsheet of contacts, you can just copy and paste them into MailChimp. The emails you send can be anywhere from super fancy with templates and images to simple text emails.

MailChimp further simplifies your world by segmenting emails into Groups. As a Property Manager, you could allow your tenants to be grouped by building, by floor or by tenant. It is pretty rockin’.

What’s Free?

With MailChimp’s generous ‘Forever Free’ account, you can send up to 12,000 emails per month to 2,000 addresses. If you need to send more emails, they have ‘pay as you go’ accounts as well and monthly accounts starting at $10 per month.

Wufoo logoWufoo

Want a survery? Wufoo’s got you covered. Need to fill out a form? Wufoo’s got you covered. Want tenant’s to subscribe to emails? Wufoo’s got you covered. Want to accept online payments? Wufoo’s got you covered.

Wufoo is an impressively versatile form-building platform that you can use for a wide variety of tasks. The user interface is great and simple to use.

Wufoo also works really well with MailChimp. You can very simply connect the two so that whenever someone fills out your Wufoo form, the email address is automatically added to your email list.

What’s Free?

Wufoo’s free account comes with 3 forms and 100 entries per month. This would be great for collecting email addresses from tenants to let them know when property work is being completed. The intro paid level is $15 per month but the most useful is $29.95 per month.

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Managing the social media accounts for small businesses can be a lot of work. Hootsuite makes it pretty simple — especially for scheduling posts.

Hootsuite isn’t the prettiest app, but it does a great job of search and working with all of your social media platforms: twitter, Facebook, linkedin, instagram and more.

What’s Free?

With Hootsuite’s free plan, you get 3 social profiles along with basic analytics of how your posts are performing. HootSuite Pro is only $10 per month and has a tremendous amount of power.


Do you use multiple computers or have an office computer and a tablet and need to keep your files organized? Dropbox is simply extraordinary. It works to keep your files completely backed up and synchronized on all of your devices – and the way it works has one big secret.

Dropbox works as easily as saving a file. Instead of saving on your desktop or a doc file, you save in the Dropbox folder and everything is organized for you. Also, you get a hyperlink for anything (photo, doc, spreadsheet, pdf) that you save. You can use this in emails instead of sending large attachments. It is pretty slick.

Dropbox is very secure and you can password protect each file. A few great applications of this would be for saving contracts or service specs so you can have them with you wherever – whenever – you need them.

What’s Free?

The free account is pretty huge. You get 5 gb of storage with unlimited folders and synced anywhere you need it. For $10 per month you can in unprecedented 1 terabyte of storage.

wordpress logo


WordPress is a free, open-source (a bunch of folks collaborate to create the program) website/blogging platform. There are hundreds of different templates you can use to post information for your tenants. There is also a great feature that allows tenants to sign up to receive an email whenever a new post is published.

It is simple and easy to use.

What’s Free?

Everything. All of the websites are www.ArchibaldSquare.wordpress.com. If you want to drop the wordpress.com portion, you’ll need to pay a little to obtain the web address.

buffer logoBuffer

Buffer is also an app that helps greatly enhance your social media prowess. Buffer works in a different way than Hootsuite above. You download a cute little button that works in your internet browser. Whenever you find something cool, click the button and Buffer will pull up a nifty little box so you can customize your tweet or linkedin post and schedules it for you.

Pretty slick.

What’s Free?

A free Buffer account let’s you have one stream for social media platform as well as 10 scheduled posts at a time. Pretty good. Their Awesome Plan is $10 per month and gives you 10 profiles plus up to 100 scheduled posts in each.

Google-Alerts-LogoGoogle Alerts

Google Alerts is an oldie but a goodie. Simply click the link above and enter any search term you want. Google will then keep track of it for you and send you an email whenever something is added to the entire internet or a page is changed. It even searches social media (only public info) for you.

This could be very helpful for Property Managers to set up a search for a property name. Every time it is mentioned online or sometime tweets a complaint about the bathrooms not being up to par, you will know.

What’s Free?

Everything is free in Google Alerts – just need a Google Account.

evernote logoEvernote

If there is something you need to remember, Evernote will remember it for you. Evernote has dramatically expanded their services lately to everything from reminders, to-do lists, and sharing to simply remembering you library card.

Evernote allows you to create a note and organize them in notebooks for every part of your life. For example, you could create a notebook for each property and take photos of things you need to remember like lockbox codes, suite addresses or landscape contracts.

Another GREAT thing Evernote does is scan photos for words and makes it searchable for you. Take a photo of a business card you got and Evernote will know who it is, what their phone number is and will even export the data to you contacts application if you’d like. Pretty cool.

What’s Free?

Taking notes, photos, and saving websites from anywhere up to 60 mb per month is free along with synching them to all of your mobile devices. A $25 per year plan is available that bumps that up 1 gb per month with email export.

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zapier logoZapier

Zapier is a little more advanced tool. Think of it as the Lord of the Rings – it is the one tool that connects them all. In Zapier, you easily set up tasks that automate tasks that you do over and over.

For example, you have a tenant that decides to use recycling services at their office. You can connect Gmail to Mailchimp via Zapier with a simple task. Simple add a ‘Recycling’ label to their email in Gmail and they can automatically be added to the ‘Recycling’ group in your MailChimp email list.

They have over 400 apps you can connect – including most of them above!

What’s Free?

In their free plan, you can set up of 5 Zaps (actions) that will run 100 Tasks per month. This may be more than enough but the $20 per month plan runs 3,000 tasks for 20 Zaps per month.