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dmx snow totals 11/20/15Des Moines’ Winter Event #1 performed nearly identically to the NWS predictions with an official snow total of 6.9″. Snow began mid-day on 11/20 and ended in the early morning hours of 11/21. High winds contributed to blowing and drifting for this plowable event.


The snow began to fall a around noon on November 20th. It started with large, heavy flakes and quickly transitioned to smaller, blowing snow.

The snow was ending early in the morning, so most properties would have received open-up plows to clear drive lanes and open access to your property with full plows occurring the evening of the 21st.

Click Here to Download the DSM Winter Event #1 Recap PDF


The winds were blowing quite hard and caused blowing and drifting probably adding additional sidewalk clearing time to properties with entrances on the east or south sides of buildings.


Check your property for damage. These early season storms where the turf is not yet frozen tends to have significant property damage, especially if your contractor hadn’t yet flagged the property.

Event Chronology:

  • 3 pm – Winds calming down
  • 6 am 11/21 – Snow Ending from northwest to southeast
  • 6 pm – Heavy, blowing snow
  • 1 pm 11/20 – Snow beginning from northwest to southeast

Event totals:

  • 6.9″ – Des Moines
  • 6.5″ – Clive
  • 6.0″ – Windsor Heights
  • 5.0″ – Maxwell

Monthly totals:

  • November – 6.9″ (5.8″ above normal on 11/22)
  • October – 0″ (.5″ below normal)

Seasonal totals:

  • Season – 6.9″ (5.4″ above normal on 11/22)
  • 9″ to 11″ Event:
  • 5″ to 7″ Event: 11/20/15 – 6.9″
  • 3″ to 5″ Event:
  • 1″ to 3″ Event:
  • Icing to 1″ Event:

Original Forecast

Click for latest from the National Weather Service.

Click for latest from the National Weather Service.

Update – 11/20/15 at 9:30 am

Not much change from yesterday’s forecast except that the heavy snow band has shifted slightly southward putting Des Moines and Ames into the heavier snowfall category with 6-10″ and heavier in some areas.

Original Post – 11/19/15 at 11 AM

The first winter storm of the 2015 season is expected to hit Iowa Friday through Saturday morning with over 12″ of accumulation expected in many areas.


Des Moines looks to be on the edge of the heavy snows. The national weather service expects DSM to receive 4″-6″ and has placed the area under a Winter Storm Watch.

Beware, this one still has a potential to move south and dump on DSM, as some are predicting over a foot for Des Moines.


The winds will also play a major factor in this event. Winds from 15 to 20 mph will cause serious blowing and drifting along with hazardous driving conditions.


This event is expected to transition from rain to snow sometime during the afternoon on Friday. Temps dropping quickly into the 20s will likely cause icing to occur on walks and parking lots.


The first snow of the season is always a little dicey. As well, it becomes even more dicey when it is a heavier snow and even dicier yet for deep snows on non-frozen ground. Any time a plow or tire goes off the pavement, it can cause major damage. Beware and inspect your properties next week.