Winter Event #8 – FINAL

12622255_1111124198921041_6305064184709720136_oThe biggest snow of the year so far fell fast and furious in the metro on February 2nd. MSP Airport officials had 9.4″ of snow – by far our largest snow of the year.


Minneapolis/St Paul was unexpectedly the bullseye of heavy snow for this event with Bloomington reporting 13.5″, South Minneapolis 13″ and Lakeville 12″.


The winds, however, did not blow as much as expected and saved us from major blowing and drifting in the metro area.


Service during the day on Tuesday was required to keep drives and walks open during the heavy snowfall in the afternoon.

Most properties would have had a fairly decent plow on Tuesday night, February 2nd, but it wouldn’t have been complete. We received another inch or two of snow through the morning on Wednesday. A cleanup/final plow would have been required for a majority of the properties on Wednesday night, 2/3/16.

Event Chronology:

  • 9 am ⅔ – Snow ending
  • Overnight – Light snow continues
  • 10 pm – Light snow continues and 30 mph winds pick up
  • 7 pm – Light snow
  • 4 pm – Moderate snow
  • 12 pm – Heavy snow
  • 11 am – Snow begins falling south to north

Event totals:

These totals are preliminary with times indicated. Final snow totals will be posted later.

  • Bloomington – 13.5″
  • New Hope – 13.2″
  • Golden Valley – 13.2″
  • South Minneapolis – 13″
  • Prior Lake – 12.5″
  • Lakeville – 12″
  • Maplewood – 11.5″
  • Rose mount – 11.5″
  • St Louis Park – 11″
  • North St Paul – 10.8″
  • Chanhassen – 10.4″
  • Coon Rapids – 10.1″
  • Woodbury – 10″
  • MSP Airport – 9.4″
  • Waconia – 7.7″
  • Anoka – 6″

Monthly totals:

  • February – 9.4″ (8.47″ above normal 2/4/16)
  • January – 3.8″ (4.7″ below normal)
  • December – 7.3″ (5.6″ below normal)
  • November – 5.1″ (.2″ above normal)
  • October – T” (.2″ below normal)

Seasonal totals:

*ELC uses a 20-year average.

Snow Event Forecast

UPDATE 6 am 2/3/16

FileL-9Impressive snow totals from yesterday’s Event #8 continue to add accumulation through this morning.

Expect light snow to fall through mid-morning with breezy winds continuing through lunchtime with sun coming out this afternoon. Snow will blow around through the afternoon rush hour so there will be slippery spots and black ice on the roadways

Many property would have been plowed last night since the majority of the snow ended around midnight. However many driveways and entrances will be blocked because of city plowing and expect drifting on properties.

With snow this deep, your property could have just been opened up with some spaces cleared to make sure the contractor could get through their entire route.


UPDATE – 5:45 AM 2/2/16

FileL-8Good morning!

This storm keeps it’s northward track today as more Winter Storm Warnings and Winter Weather Advisories are posted for the north metro. While the MSP metro was originally going to get side-swiped by this event, we are now going to get a direct hit. Similar snow amounts – 6″ to 10″ for the south/southeast metro but much heavier now for the northwest metro that will also get 3-7″.

With this fast-moving storm, the wind still be the main story gusting 30-35 mph in the metro with sustained winds howling at 20-25 mph. Expect drifts and blowing snow through Wednesday.

Predicted 6 am to 2 pm weather for 2/2/16

Predicted 6 am to 2 pm weather for 2/2/16

UPDATE 4:30 PM 2/1/16


Since this morning, the main snowfall has moved dramatically northward and we will now be getting 4-10″ of snow. The MSP metro will again be a cutoff for the storm with heaviest in the south/southeast metro while the northwest metro will only get a couple of inches.

Snow will start mid/late morning and mostly finish before midnight but will continue to blow around in the strong winds.


Winds will gust 30-35 mph with sustained winds 20-25 mph. That is a lot of wind.

Everything will blow around and drift even after it has been plowed. You’ll need to communicate with your contractor about timing for this plow. It could be Tuesday night but would probably want to wait until Wednesday after everything is settled.

ORIGINAL POST – 10 am 2/1/16

A moderate snow event is shaping up for Groundhogs Day, February 2nd, 2016. We’ll need to wait a bit on accumulation predictions. Some models have us in 8-10″ and others at 1-2″.

The heaviest snow will be through Iowa where they could get one to two feet of snow. We’ll update this afternoon with better projections.