Snow & Ice Management specifications vary widely from company to company and property manager to property manager. I’ve had the opportunity to see a lot of specs through my career and have had issues with them from both the property management and the vendor side:

  • Too many decisions left to the provider which drastically increases pricing
  • Too few decisions left to the provider which limits service ability
  • Lack of environmental focus to reduce deicing salt use

To help Property Managers, we have put together a Snow & Ice Management Specification with these goals:

  1. Maintain a safe property
  2. Reduce cost
  3. Reduce deicing salt use

There are a couple of key things I would like to improve in the specifications and will as providers adopt more technology. At this point, there is no uniform way of measuring the amount of salt that should be applied to parking lots. It is usually a: “Well…it looks like 2 tons” calculation. Not a .86 tons calculation. As the industry continues to mature, more providers will be adopting technology that measures parking lot temperatures, exact amounts of salt going down and keeps properties safe without over-applying.

We have also provided clarity for a variety of contract types:

  • Time & Materials Contract
  • Per Event Contract
  • Seasonal Contract
  • Capped Time & Materials Contract

The specs below are available for anyone to copy in Google docs or download to Microsoft Word by clicking here. Please feel free to change whatever will work best for you. Call me if you have any questions at 612.844.1824.

Have a great day!


Snow & Ice Management Specifications (Click to view in Google Drive)