September 17 Presentation

Thank you so much for letting me chat with you today! I hope it was valuable — and you liked the tacos!

We would love to work with you on getting spring pricing together: Summer Maintenance, Sweeping, Parking Lot Repair, Concrete Repair and more.  We just need a little information to get started – scroll down.

Taco Loco – The best tacos.

  • 1555 1st Ave East, Shakopee, MN 55379
  • (952) 224-2449

Ethical Landscape Contact Info:

Schedule of Events and Process – this shows all of the services for which we provide contracting

  • Also, we are flexible on pricing. If you would like to pay ELC directly for our contracting services – as opposed us being paid by the winning vendor – we do that quite often and it is no issue at all. Scroll down to get started.

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ELC Providers List

5 Tips for Contracting Snow Removal (condensed)

  1. Require Conformity – Making contractors complete a well-designed online form eliminates apples-to-oranges pricing
    1. Google Forms
  2. Constrain the Timeline – 10 business days for submitting pricing gets better pricing and better results
  3. Create Crystal Clear Specs
    1. Summer Specs (opens in Google Doc – feel free to copy)
    2. Winter Specs (opens in Google Doc – feel free to copy)
  4. Share Property Maps –
    1. County Web Sites
    2. Go iLawn
  5. Capped T&M Contracts – Eliminates budget overrun risk while protecting during low-snow years
  6. (5 ½) Group Pricing – Aggregate properties into group bids and save 10-20%

Handout Download – CWNM Schedule of Events

Winter 2015 Predictions

Follow along this winter with our MSP Winter Event Page – Tracking all winter data you need


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