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How it works.

ELC provides Procurement and Vendor Management services to our extraordinary Property Management clients. Here’s how it works:

Jill is a busy, organized Property Manager that keeps getting more and more work added to her plate. As Jill has more tenants, property owner, and stakeholders to manage on a day-to-day basis, something has to give.

Her snow contract has ended and she needs to get a new one in place before the next season begins but is too busy returning emails about a door that isn’t working right or hunting down some real estate tax money to deal with getting three prices for next season’s snow contract.

This is were ELC enters the picture.

ELC compiles an exhaustive RFP (Request For Proposal) for Jill that includes detailed specifications, property maps, notes about the property, and square footage of parking lots and sidewalks (for snow) that ensure apples-to-apples pricing between providers.

After approval from Jill, we send it to ELC’s Preferred Snow Removal Providers for pricing and you generally have 10 days to submit pricing for the project. If it is not a project that works for you because it isn’t in your service area or you don’t have capacity for the work, you do not need to submit pricing.

Your pricing for snow removal is compiled with the others received for the project in a Final Pricing Report with details about your company. Jill takes the pricing and company profile information we provide and selects her snow provider for the next season.

If you are the winning contractor, contracts are then signed directly between you and Jill. From here on out, you are the main contact for Snow Removal services.

Our services are provided at no direct cost to Jill. The winning provider – only if you win the contract – pays ELC a flat fee for our services. This fee is set up front and communicated to you in the RFP. Some of our Preferred Providers simply add it to their pricing while others look at it as a way to save on sales and marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is ELC's fee?

Our procurement services are free to the Property Manager and are paid by the winning provider – only when a contract is awarded. The fee varies depending on the service. Our fees are based on the total amount of the contract(s) you are awarded and are generally as follows:

  • Contracts less than $6,000 – $295 or no more than 10%
  • Contracts from $6,000 to $12,000 – $345
  • Contracts $12,000 or over – $445 or no less than 3%


  • You are awarded an $5,786 for 2 years of window washing ($2,893 annually). Our fee would be a flat $295 because the total contracted amount is less than $6,000.
  • You are awarded a snow contract with an annual contracted amount of $24,275. Our fee would be $728.25 ($24,275 x 3% = $728.25).
  • You are awarded a pest control contract in the amount of $1,200. Our fee would be $120 ($1,200 x 10% = $120).
How do you handle renewals?

We treat renewals the same as any other contracts. It is the Property Manager’s choice if they would like us to procure pricing for them each cycle.

Who signs contracts?

In the vast majority of projects, the Provider and the Property Manager sign all contracts directly with each other.

Do I get anything else by being a Preferred Provider?

ELC has a few clients that utilize us simply to maintain their Preferred Provider database. They handle all of their own RFPs, getting pricing and selecting providers but pay us an annual fee to access our Preferred Provider list.

As well, we have many opportunities for you to get in front of our clients with advertising, informational articles and the ability to communicate great deals directly to ELC clients.

Why do Property Managers use ELC's services?

We make their lives easier. What we do is not rocket science or overly difficult. Gathering, compiling and understanding pricing is an unnecessary burden on Property Managers. They want to be focusing on tasks that make them money like communicating with tenants or leasing. We allow them to focus on what really matters in Property Management, not their vendors.

How do I get started?

The first thing to do is fill out our Provider Evaluation below. After that, we will work with you to get the rest of your profile set up.

Which services areas do you provide to clients?
  • Turf and Grounds Maintenance
  • Snow Removal
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Window Washing
  • Garbage Removal
  • Landscape Enhancements
  • Pest Management
  • Parking Lot Sweeping and Striping
  • Asphalt Repair
  • Concrete Repair
  • Interior and Exterior Painting

We often add service areas as they are requested by our clients. Shoot us an email at to suggest a service area we should be providing our valued clients.