ELC exists to do good by helping Property Managers.

Problems we solve.

We totally understand – and embrace – that ELC is a different kind of company. The idea for ELC started in the late 2000s. I used to own a full-service landscape maintenance company called Quercus, Inc.

Emerald Ash Borer hadn’t yet hit Minnesota but it began to be a big news item. Many of our clients were being talked into purchasing extremely expensive, poorly-tested treatments for EAB and treating any ash on their property.

The thousand of dollars being spent would have been better utilized planting new trees and saving specimen trees as opposed to saving horrible 4″ ash trees in a parking lot island. It didn’t make sense and I wanted to help.

Now we have a company that solves a wide array of problems we hear every day from Property Managers just like you.

What is the biggest problem you are having today?

(These are all questions we have heard and created a solution.)

I don't have time to deal with getting pricing for snow removal so I am just going to renew.

If you absolutely love working with that vendor, you should do absolutely do that.

If you don’t, ELC Contract is for you. We completely handle the contracting process for you while leaving the critical decisions in your hands. After you approve the RFP, you’ll receive a pricing report in less than two weeks with a minimum of three prices from vendors we have vetted and trust will do a great job for you.

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It is so hard to get apples-to-apples pricing comparisons because vendors just do their own thing.

We are experts in the contracting process. Over 4 years, we have developed an exhaustive 50+ step process to for ELC Contract. Having been on the Provider side of the equation for over a decade, we know exactly what Providers need to get clear, accurate pricing. The process is contained entirely within ELC’s ecosystem so we can easily compare the pricing we receive.

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I need to reduce costs on my property

ELC Contract gets great pricing from our awesome Providers because we handle large volumes and make it VERY easy for them to provide pricing.

We also review existing specifications and discuss avenues to get lower costs and meet your goals.

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There are too many things going on today. Pricing for next season will have to wait until next week.

We hear this a lot. Even the most organized, structured Property Manager has more tasks to do today than ever before. ELC Contract is a free, simple path to reducing the time-consuming tasks that do not add value to your clients.

How much time do you spend for the entire contracting process for snow removal? Our clients tell us that they save up to 25 hours by allowing ELC to manage the process.

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Communication is tough. I never seem to get the information I want from my vendors.

This is a perpetual problem with service providers. There are some that are great, but most aren’t.

ELC Contract is an exhaustive 50+ step process – that is always improving – to make sure that we don’t miss a single communication point with our clients during the contracting process. We also handle a lot of the things that drive you crazy about your providers.

Need a COI? ELC Contract handles that.

Not sure if your parking lot sweeping was completed? ELC Contract handles that.

When is window washing scheduled? ELC Contract handles that.

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I want to focus on my tenants and owners and less on my vendors. I don't know how to do that.

ELC has a product where we manage your vendors for you. We are the main contact with the vendor on your behalf, visit your properties every other week and make sure everything is going great.

ELC Support is a total vendor management for you. You can focus 100% on the work that makes you money and not on making sure that the parking lot is swept or your flowers have been planted.

I can't tell if they are doing the work that is in the contract?

Especially with landscape projects, this one is tough unless you know exactly what to look for.

ELC Assist (formerly Property Audits) is a product we offer where ELC physically visits your properties on a regular basis to make sure all of the contracts are being completed to spec. You get reports following our visit with Action Items that need to be completed by the vendor. We take it a step further and send the Action Report to your vendor so they know what items need to be completed — and you don’t have to do a thing.