ELC Winter Event #8

Snow/Sleet/Rain Event

12/15/14 snowfallSNOW This event performed nearly according to plan with .7″ of snow officially falling at MSP Airport. There were slightly higher totals in the north metro with 2″ and less to the south.

RAIN/FREEZING RAIN The snow was preceded by significant amounts of rain and freezing rain/sleet. It made a nasty layer underneath that was pretty difficult to plow clean.

SALT A significant amount of salt was necessary – after the freezing rain began – to keep the snow from adhering to the parking lots and sidewalks.

BILLING You’ll probably see a larger-than-normal salt bill for this event depending on your contract type.

SNOWPACK Due to the warmer temperatures and the ¼” of rain, the snowpack is virtually gone – save for a few larger piles. This is extremely advantageous for reducing hauling/stacking costs for the rest of winter.

WHITE CHRISTMAS Looking at an event early next week that might bring us a white Christmas for 2014.

Event Chronology

  • 3 pm 12/16 – Snow ends with little additional accumulation
  • 6 am 12/16 – Snow generally ending
  • 1 am 12/16 – Snow begins
  • 10 pm 12.15 – Rain turns to freezing rain
  • 11 am 12/15 – Rain begins

Official event totals:

  • Blaine – 2″
  • St Paul – 1.3″
  • Chaska – 1.2″
  • Edina – 1″
  • Lake Elmo – 1″
  • MSP Airport – .7″

Monthly totals:

  • December – .8″
  • November – 9.4″

Seasonal totals:

Original Post

Expected snowfall for 12/15-12/1616

Expected snowfall for 12/15-12/1616

RAIN Unusually heavy rain for December is working through the metro now with up to ½” of water expected. (Good thing it isn’t 10º cooler!!)

SNOW Rain will turn over to snow after 6 pm this afternoon with some freezing rain in between. Will get up to an inch or so by 6 am Tuesday morning.

SALTING Temperatures will drop below freezing after midnight and create majorly icy situations on all properties. Salting will need to happen overnight everywhere no matter what the trigger amount.

IMPACT Drive home from work today shouldn’t be bad beyond people not liking to drive in the rain but morning commute Tuesday could be an icy mess.