ELC Winter Event #9.1


FINAL RECAP 12/28/14

BINGO This storm’s predictions came together very late but were extremely accurate. The vast majority of the metro received 4-5″ of snow throughout the metro with a smattering of 6″.

SNOW This is the largest event of the season so far with 4.2″ officially at MSP Airport.

DAMAGE With warm temperatures leading into this snowfall, the upper crust of soil was thawed and very easily damaged during this event. As ELC tours properties, we will note any damage from snow removal activities.

COLD Temperatures are bottoming out following this storm and will be bitterly cold for New Years. We are glad to have a little snow cover for turf and plants.

LAST This event is probably the last of 2014. No snow is predicted until the end of the week for Friday/Saturday.

Event Chronology

  • 9 am – Event ending north to south
  • 3 am 12/27 – Snow coming down heavily (will make full plow difficult for morning commute)
  • 6 pm 12/26 – Snow starting north to south

Official event totals:

  • 6″ – Circle Pines
  • 6″ – Farmington
  • 5.5″ – Burnsville
  • 5″- Plymouth
  • 4.5″ – Bloomington
  • 4.2″ – MSP Airport (Official)
  • 4″ – Woodbury

Monthly totals:

  • December – 5.6″
  • November – 9.4″

Seasonal totals:


snow graphical forecast

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PLOWABLE Expect 3-5″ of snow beginning tonight through mid-morning Saturday. Snow will be heaviest between midnight and 7 am with accumulations of up to 6″ possible.

HEAVIEST The heaviest snows will be early morning tomorrow. There will be little time for full plows on Saturday.

TEMPS Temperatures will drop quickly to below 0 on Sunday night.

DAMAGE The upper layers of soil have thawed out and will be VERY easy to damage turf during this event. Watch for plow damage and tire tracks the next time you visit your property.